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The role of Auckland in the country

Auckland is New Zealand’s only credible claim to a city of global scale. How are we going with this experiment of a single city? What role does Auckland play in national economic development, either as a centre in its own right, or as a launchpad to the world?

The is the twentieth Moxie Session, held Monday 6 October 2014 in Auckland.

Interview by Andrew Patterson.


Penny Hulse

@pennyhulsewest  LinkedIn

Four years of the Super City

Tim Warren


Auckland's economic contribution

Social enterprise

Social enterprise. Businesses with a social purpose. Corporate responsibility as more than a side-project. Are these the start of something economically transformative and positive, and what would it take to hurry it along in New Zealand or the world?

This is the nineteenth Moxie Session, held Monday 8 September 2014 in Auckland.

Interview by Glenn Williams.


Alex Hannant

@AlexHannant  LinkedIn

Strategy, markets, and a shift in values

Antony Welton

@AW_VodafoneNZ  LinkedIn

A view from big corporate

Jade Tang

@jadetang123  LinkedIn

Working with social enterprises

Women’s participation in the economy and society

Have we taken seriously women’s participation in business and society as accelerants for New Zealand’s success or are we still treating it as a ‘women’s’ or ‘diversity’ issue. What’s to be gained and how do we get there faster, together.

This is the eighteenth Moxie Session, held Monday 4 August 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Interview by Glenn Williams.


Alex Mercer

@MercerInt  LinkedIn

Boosting women’s investment

Victoria Crone

@vicsternz  LinkedIn

Confidence and being the only woman

Jacinda Adern

@jacindaardern  LinkedIn

Parliament and potential solutions

The next 25 years of the Internet

What will the next 25 years of the Internet hold for our favourite perky nation at the edge of the world? Can we stand up against the mega-trends, or will we drown in a sea of animated cat gifs? What difference is the internet going to make to our lives?

This is the seventeenth Moxie Session, held Wednesday 9 July 2014 in Auckland.

Interview by Glenn Williams.

Dave has more to say here.

Jenene has also written up her piece separately.


Dave Moskovitz

@davemosk  LinkedIn

Adopting the Internet’s core principles

Jenene Crossan

@jenene  LinkedIn

Some ideas on what will be cool

Ross Young


Three laws and seven trends

Clusters, collaboration and co-working

How we are going at clustering and building a coherent, connected tech ecosystem? What can we do to work together better? And if bigger cities are ever more important as centres of economic activity, what are the implications for the nation?

This is the sixteenth Moxie session, held Monday 9 June 2014 in Auckland.

Interview by Glenn Williams.

Check out Geoff’s slides (PDF) as well.


Patrick McVeigh

@pmcveigh  LinkedIn

The case for clusters

Geoff Cooper


The value of cities

Anna Guenther

@where_is_anna  LinkedIn

Why sharing is great

Internet for non-tech firms

What difference does the internet make for firms outside the tech sector? Does it really improve business performance, is it the great white hope for a country as remote as ours, and what could we do to accelerate the change?

This is the fifteenth Moxie session, held Monday 12 May 2014 in Auckland.

Interview by Glenn Williams.


Murray Sherwin


Productivity in the services sector

Hayden Glass


Some recent study results

Jordan Carter

@jordantcarter  LinkedIn

The Internet that makes it possible

Commercialising science

How well does New Zealand commercialise its science? Are there missing bits to our system still, or is the creation of Callaghan Innovation the last big block? What are the relevant measures of success?

This is the fourteenth Moxie session, held Tuesday 1 April 2014 in Auckland.

Interview by Glenn Williams.


David Downs


Interesting history

Russell O’Brien


Better incubation

Brent Ogilvie


An investor’s perspectives

The Internet and Media

Media, meet Internet. What is going on? Does it matter for the nation? Discuss!

This is the thirteenth Moxie session, held Monday 10 March 2014 in Auckland.

Interview by Glenn Williams.


Hazel Phillips

@hazelphilli  LinkedIn

The sad story of print

Russell Brown

@publicaddress  LinkedIn

A view of the field

The economic future of the nation

Are we going to get from making milk powder to making software and high-tech products, and if so, how? What should be the economic priorities for our fine nation in the coming years?

This is the 12th Moxie session, held Monday 10 February 2014 in Auckland.

Interview by Glenn Williams.


Shaun Hendy

@hendysh  LinkedIn

The risks of cow-only

Rick Boven


Some key missing links

Vikram Kumar

@vikram_nz  LinkedIn

The roles of technology, business and government


What’s going on at school that is relevant to the future of our tech economy? Are children really born digital or do we need to teach them technology and entrepreneurship, i.e. pretty much like everyone else?

This is the 11th Moxie session, held Monday 16 December 2013 in Auckland.

Interview by Glenn Williams.


Andy Schick


The Network for Learning

Luke Nola


The virtues of getting your hands dirty

Frances Valintine


The things that hold science and technology education back

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