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Innovation in health care

What is special about innovation in healthcare? Where does the creative spark come from? And where are the big opportunities for improvements in clinical outcomes, service design or patient interaction?

This is the fortieth Moxie Session, held 7 March 2016 in Auckland.

Interview by Andrew Patterson.


Richard Fraser

@richiefraser  LinkedIn

Patients as consumers

Stella Ward


Some thoughts from actually doing it

Rohan MacMahon

@rohmac  LinkedIn

What drives (and holds back) innovation

Early stage funding

What changes when a high-growth company first takes external funding? Are our investors sufficiently savvy about how high-growth investing is different? Do our founders know what is required to be investment ready? Are our advisors sufficiently well connected to help firms grow?

This is the thirty-ninth Moxie Session, held 9 February 2016 in Auckland.

Interview by Andrew Patterson.


Franceska Banga


Lessons from 200 investments

Sean Molloy


Ideas on starting out

Sean Simpson

Startup thoughts ten years in

The future of Auckland

Stats NZ reckons the population of Auckland will swell by another half a million or so in the next twenty years. We talk about making Auckland the world’s most liveable city, and putting it on the map internationally. But are we really ready for the city that we are setting ourselves up to be?

This is the thirty-eighth Moxie Session, held Monday 8 December 2015 at the BizDojo in Auckland.

Interview by Andrew Patterson.


Murray Sherwin


Poor planning policy choices

Simon Wilson


The importance of a vision

Patrick Reynolds

@pv_reynolds  LinkedIn

Not being hostages to history (on transport or housing)

The future of the ICT sector

Recent reporting says technology software and services is increasing economically important. The industry contributes 1.7 per cent of GDP, employs 27,000, and accounts for $930 million in exports in 2014. What would it take to multiply this economic contribution by ten (nb: dairy exports in the past 12 months: $12 billion)? Is this even a sensible question? How are we tracking on the path to a higher-tech future?

This is the thirty-seventh Moxie Session, held 5 November 2015 in Auckland.

Interview by Andrew Patterson.


Lillian Grace


Solving the right problems

Victoria Crone

@vicsternz  LinkedIn

Focusing on Asia, and how we think about success

Rowan Simpson

@rowansimpson  LinkedIn

It is about people

What is the Internet for

What is the Internet for, and how are we going in transitioning our lives to it? Are we more or less into it than other countries? Have we got the networks right? What do we actually do with it? Are we conducting a massive experiment on our cognitive capabilities?

This is the thirty-sixth Moxie Session, held Monday October 5 2015 in Auckland.

Interview by Andrew Patterson.

Unfortunately, John Wesley-Smith could not join us for the podcast, although he was at the Session in person.


Dr Philippa Smith

Evidence of how we have moved our lives online

John Wesley-Smith


How can we pay for the networks long term

Vaughan Baker

@vaughan_nz  LinkedIn

The transformative potential for business and government

Dr Jane Cherrington

@janecherrington  LinkedIn

Why we can't delegate everything to Google

Reinventing education and career paths

Lots of famous tech company founders were not terribly interested in getting an education. Should you lock yourself in a darkened room, boil up some two minute noodles, and work through the night on your code? Or is getting a qualification still your best bet?

This is the 35th Moxie Session, held Tuesday 1 September 2015, in Wellington.

Interview by Andrew Patterson.


Rohan Wakefield

@rohanwakefield  LinkedIn

It is not about the coding

Mandy McGirr


Education for an unpredictable world

Mark Hickford

The importance of real-world skills

Female founders and CEOs

Where are we getting to in the ongoing discussion of women in tech? Is tech different from other industries, or just the same song on a different instrument? Why do we see so few female founders or CEOs? Maybe it starts at school, with engagement in maths and sciences. Maybe it is a generational thing that will resolve itself with time. Should we be hopeful for the future? Do we all just need to lean in?

This is the 34th Moxie Session, held August 24 2015 at the Kiwi Landing Pad in San Francisco.


Sacha Judd


From little things come big things

Nic Kennedy

@NicandCo  LinkedIn

Helping each other makes the difference

Bonnie Howland

@bonhowland  LinkedIn

The importance of wider society

Immigration as a force for economic transformation

Most developed countries are happy to welcome smart people and put them to work. But can immigration be more than a gap filler for the labour market? Can immigration help with national economic transformation? And if, as economists tell us, the impacts of immigration are small, why do we talk about it all the time?

This is the thirty-third Moxie Session, held 3 August 2015 at the City Council in Christchurch.

Interview by Andrew Patterson.


Raf Manji

@rafmanji  LinkedIn

The potential value of young creatives

Julian Carver

@serenare  LinkedIn

Building and using trust networks with people overseas

Julie Fry


Selecting for exceptional people

Coming to America

‘Hi, I’m from New Zealand’ is no kind of pitch. What do New Zealand companies entering the United States really need, and is California really the place to go to advance your business idea? Are there some things about the way New Zealanders typically behave in business that hold us back?

This is the thirty second Moxie Session, held 22 June 2015 at the Kiwi Landing Pad in San Francisco.


Scott Nolan

@scottnolan  LinkedIn

What investors look for

Dr Elizabeth Iorns

@elizabethiorns  LinkedIn

How Silicon Valley is different

David Russell


Being prepared

Early stage investing

How is investing in high-risk/high-growth ventures different from more typical options?

This is the thirty first Moxie Session, held 9 June 2015 in Wellington.

Interview by Andrew Patterson.


Anna Guenther

@where_is_anna  LinkedIn

Financial literacy for companies and investors

Mark Vivian

@markviviannz  LinkedIn

Building relationships with founders

Mark Clare


Investing in big opportunities, not just cool ideas